Oak hardwood is a staple flooring choice for its beauty and durability. The two famous species are red and white oak, which constitute a large percentage of the hardwood in the Libertyville, Gurnee, Mundelein areas. Although they are both oak, they have their own distinctive qualities that make them unique. Let’s take a look at the fine details of white oak so you know just what to ask for from the Floor Coverings International Libertyville mobile showroom.


Color and Grain of White Oak HardwoodColor

White oak can be found in a variety of colors from light, golden hues all the way to darker tans and brown. Although called white oak, the hardwood is most commonly seen in darker shades than its oak counterpart; red oak often comes in the lighter, rosier hues. The color variation will depend on whether you are receiving sapwood, heartwood, or a mix. The harder, more durable wood tends to come from the heartwood and will have darker coloring. If you are looking for a different color profile but are set on white oak, the hardwood accepts stain easily and can be modified to match the existing features of your home.



White oak has a relatively subtle grain that results in a very beautiful profile across the planks. With the color variation that can come from the mix of sapwood and heartwood, white oak generally brings a very warm and calming tone to any home. White oak is also a closed grain wood, meaning it is non-porous and water resistant. It is less likely to suffer from moisture warping and isn’t easily stained by household liquids or cleaners. White oak is a great option for Gurnee kitchens where food spills, moisture, and dirt particles collect. The resilience of the wood makes it easy to clean and the color variation will ensure that any acquired damage isn’t obvious.


White Oak Hardwood FlooringDurability

White oak is a famously durable hardwood. It has a Janka rating of 1360, which exceeds many domestic hardwood species including red oak. Your hardwood will easily stand up to every day superficial damage such as dropped objects, heavy foot traffic, and scratches or scrapes from pets or children’s toys. That being said, no wood is impervious to damage and it’s always advised to apply a durable finish and sealant to your wood. Another idea is to invest in protective pads or area rugs under the feet of heavy furniture to prevent scratches or dents.


White oak is an excellent option for any Gurnee home because it is a classic look that is easily customizable. The smooth, contemporary floor will last the lifetime of your home and always be in style. Call Floor Coverings International Libertyville today for a free in-home design consultation and estimate!


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Photo Credit: © Jo Ann Snover, © Pavel Shynkarou