seagrass carpet_sandra cunningham_70174201Many homeowners in Third Lake are going green, and a great way to do this is to incorporate eco-friendly materials in your home. Not only will you feel great about using sustainable resources, your home will reflect your values as well.

Seagrass carpeting is a great option that will compliment any décor. At Floor Coverings International Libertyville we can provide a free in-home consultation to discuss seagrass and other natural floor covering options.

Benefits of Seagrass Carpet

Seagrass is a natural plant fiber that is sourced primarily from China and India. The seagrass is harvested, dried in the sun, and woven into yarn. Because it grows in water, seagrass is naturally non-absorbent and will repel spills and resist staining much better than other natural plant fiber carpets, such as sisal. Spills can be cleaned with a damp cloth and will dry without leaving a water spot.

Compared to other plant fiber carpets, seagrass is soft and smooth underfoot, making it a great option for wall-to-wall installation in a bedroom or family room. Seagrass is also naturally anti-bacterial and resistant to allergens. It will not attract dust, and bacteria tend not to penetrate the fibers.

Seagrass carpets can be vacuumed, and a strong brush-suction vacuum is recommended to pull dirt and debris from the tightly woven fibers. This carpet will wear well over time, and the colors have a tendency to fade from a greenish hue to an appealing khaki or cream color. Seagrass can be woven in different patterns, which contributes to the visual appeal of this floor covering.


Seagrass can become slippery with wear, and it is not recommended for use on stairs. It is also prone to mold and mildew if exposed to too much moisture or humidity. Like all natural plant fiber floor coverings, it’s intended for indoor use only.

Seagrass carpet is a versatile option that is excellent for casual and formal spaces alike. Its warm tone and natural texture blends well with any décor. It is the least expensive of the natural fiber floor coverings, and its durability will keep it looking great in your home for years to come.

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Photo by Sandra Cunningham