Saxony Carpet

If someone was to ask you to picture wall-to-wall carpet in your mind, it is very likely that the image you would come up with would be a type of saxony. For decades now, saxony has been the standard carpeting enjoyed by people around the country, and especially in the greater Libertyville, Gurnee, Mundelein area. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise to us here at Floor Coverings International Libertyville. We are well aware of all of saxony’s excellent features. Here is some more information about this popular carpet style.

What Is Saxony?

Saxony is a type of cut pile carpeting. A carpet’s pile is its visible surface. When carpet fibers are woven into the backing material, loop pile is created. To make saxony, as well as various other cut pile carpet styles, those loops are sheared off to create a uniform surface with individual carpet strands stand up from the backing material. In the case of straight saxony, the pile tends to be shorter and densely woven, which creates a soft, plush, and luxurious carpet surface. Saxony also comes in textured varieties where the carpet strands are twisted and allowed to extend out from the backing material in a non-uniform way.

The Benefits of Saxony

One of the best things about saxony carpeting is that it is always in style. It looks great, goes with any décor, and gives any room it is installed in a cozy feel. Both straight and textured saxony are very soft and luxurious floor coverings that provide excellent warmth. Straight saxony is capable of providing a more velvety and formal look while textured saxony can give a more casual feeling. The design options are extensive! If you are looking for a carpet that will hide footprints and vacuum marks, textured saxony may be the better option for you.

The Drawbacks of Saxony

Saxony is a very popular carpet style, and it will likely remain that way. However, all types of carpeting have their pros and cons. The downside of straight saxony is that it shows tracks and signs of usage. If you’ve ever vacuumed a saxony carpet, you know that the angle of the strands changes how light reflects off of it. This is less of a concern with textured saxony. Other than that, saxony may wear slightly faster than some other carpet varieties, but its longevity generally depends more on what material the fibers are made from. Wool or nylon saxony will be quite durable and should be able to be enjoyed for many years.

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Photo Credit: Photogalia