Frieze Carpet

Carpeting makes for a great flooring material because of its cozy look, warmth, and soft feel underfoot. It may be easy to decide that carpeting is the right choice to install in your home, but deciding between the large variety of styles, colors, and materials is another matter. At Floor Coverings International Libertyville we want you to make the best flooring choice for your specific needs. It’s a good idea to review the differences between the various carpet types available. One of the styles you’ll want to consider is frieze. Read on for more information about this popular kind of carpet.

Loop & Cut Pile

Carpeting can be divided into two main categories: loop pile and cut pile. Loop pile carpet is any kind that has fiber strands attached to the backing material in a loop, so that each end of the strand is connected. A cut pile carpet cuts the loops so that one end of the fiber stands up from the backing material. Cut pile varieties are actually more common. It’s likely that the majority of the carpet you see in a given day is cut pile.

Straight & Twisted Strands

A further division in cut pile carpeting exists between straight and twisted strand carpeting. Some cut pile carpets have straight, uniform strands while others have twisted strands. Frieze is a type of twisted, cut pile carpeting. It can be distinguished from other twisted types by the fact that frieze has more twists per inch. Whereas saxony, for instance, may be twisted 3-5 times per inch. The strands of a frieze carpet may have 7-9 twists per inch, however.

Why Frieze?

The construction of frieze carpet causes its strands to lie non-uniformly, or “fall over,” which is a desirable characteristic for those that want their carpeting to hide footprints and vacuum tracks. This is not to say that all examples of frieze are “trackless,” but it does mean that frieze carpets will hide usage marks better than other types. Furthermore, trackless varieties of frieze do exist that will hide these signs of use and wear exceptionally well.

The design of frieze carpet also makes it adept at hiding dirt and stains and makes it all around more forgiving as a flooring material than carpeting with more uniform pile types. For this reason, frieze is also a nice choice for those with kids or pets, who may need a carpet that can take a bit more abuse and continue to look almost new. It is also an especially welcome characteristic for those of us in the Libertyville, Gurnee, Mundelein area that endures winter weather conditions and the effects this can have on our flooring. On the other hand, frieze will be slightly less velvety and soft than other carpet types. Overall, frieze offers a nice balance of style, softness, durability, and ease of maintenance. All of this has helped make it a very popular choice in carpeting.

Get a Free In-Home Consultation

Frieze carpet works well in bedrooms, living rooms, playrooms, and rooms used for entertaining. It may be just the carpet you are looking for. Contact us here at Floor Coverings International Libertyville any time to arrange a free in-home design consultation and see if frieze fits your needs.

Photo Credit: Sasin Paraksa