Floor Coverings International Libertyville is pleased to bring you the latest installment in our Blogger Influencer Interview Series. Shawn Simon is an educational therapist, author, and blogger at her website Stepmom Shawn. You can follow Shawn on Facebook and Twitter.

Shawn Simon

Please tell us a little about yourself.

I am a stepmom to two kids, now 17 and 21. When I became a stepmom, the kids were 6 and 10. I thought this new role would be a perfect fit for me. I work with kids; kids love me! Well, the role of stepmom is a completely different ballgame. I provided further proof that their parents would not be getting back together, something most children long for. I was also moving into a life filled with grief. However, at the time, I hadn’t learned all of these truths. I could not understand why these kids were not falling over themselves to welcome me into their home. Just a few years earlier, my friend’s daughter waited on her porch in the pouring rain for my arrival. She could not wait for me to come into her home. But I was no threat to her life. She was not grieving the loss of her intact family. I was not going to be another parent to her. I was an added bonus in her life. She called me Aunt Shawn. As a stepmom, I am not an aunt, not a mom, not a grandparent, not a parent’s friend. I am a person of authority, though I am called by my first name, something usually reserved for peers. I am not a peer, not a friend. Becoming a stepmom means putting yourself into an ambiguous role. All of these realities prompted me to write a book for stepmoms. My book is full of stories from real life stepmoms’ experiences. My hope is to provide a source of support and encouragement to stepmoms everywhere.

What’s one type of flooring you use in your children’s room and why?

My husband had carpet when I first moved in with him and his two kids. But, no surprise, it was filthy not too long after. Several years later, we had wood floors installed throughout the downstairs, which included their toy room. Suddenly, the floors stayed much cleaner!

Why did you decide to start a blog? What do you enjoy about blogging?

I started a blog to promote my upcoming book. I shared inspirational moments and stories from my life in the hopes of exciting followers. I enjoy sharing my stories and inspiring other stepmoms on their journey. My website is: stepmomshawn.com, my Facebook page is Stepmom Shawn Simon Says, and my twitter account is @shawnsimon44.

Where do you find most of your inspiration?

First and foremost, my inspiration comes from my relationship with my stepkids. It’s been a long journey, but I’m happy to say we have a close relationship today. I am also inspired from hearing other stepmoms share their stories. It’s comforting knowing I’m not alone on this journey. More people need to talk about the challenges of blending families.

Can you explain a recent project you’ve been working on?

While waiting for my stepmom book to be released, I wrote a book for stepdads and an additional book for stepmoms. I’m also planning to write a book from people who grew up in blended families. My hope is to encircle the stepfamily lifestyle. Right now, though, I’ve decided to write about my childhood. I was born with only one arm, so I have decided to write a collection of stories about my experiences growing up one-handed in a world designed for two hands.

Shawn Simon Shawn Simon