Mosaic tile backsplash in GurneeThe backsplash is the focal point of the kitchen. Depending on what tile and design you choose, the backsplash can determine the whole style and feel of the room. While there are plenty of popular tile options out there – like glass tile or white subway tile – there’s something to be said for designing your own unique backsplash. Want to create a statement backsplash for your Gurnee home? Here are a few ideas from Floor Coverings International Libertyville:


Want a truly unique design? Use small tiles of different colors and shapes to create a mosaic! It could be something abstract, or a specific image of flowers, waves, whatever you like. This design will turn your backsplash into a one-of-a-kind artwork, and a visual focal point for the entire room.


For a bold look, use diagonal tiles of different colors to create a harlequin design. You can use tiles in the same color family for a more subtle style, or make a statement with several contrasting colors.

Faux Brick

Looking to replicate the look of worn, rustic brick? Use terracotta tiles to add warmth and texture to your backsplash. Terracotta looks similar to brick but is much easier to apply to your kitchen wall.


For a sleek, modern style, use rectangular tiles set at an angle to create a chevron design. While you could use any color of tile for this idea, a neutral gray marble tile will give you a luxurious and contemporary look that’s hard to beat.

CheckerboardCheckerboard tile backsplash in Gurnee

Want a retro, vintage-inspired look for your kitchen? Use square tiles in two different colors to create a classic checkerboard backsplash.
The size and color of your tiles will determine the impact of the design. If you want something subtle, use smaller tiles in neutral colors, but if you want a statement, use larger tiles in eye-catching hues.


You probably haven’t considered large tiles for your backsplash, but this oversized look can create a minimal, modern design in your kitchen. Large rectangular tiles in white, gray, or another neutral hue will give the impression of a more open kitchen. Plus, using large tiles means you can save money on grout.

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Photo Credits: yampi, Daria Minaeva