Here at Floor Coverings International, we love sharing perspectives from home designers. Today, we have an interview with Audrey Kuether, host of the Oh So Lovely blog.


Floor Coverings International: Hello Audrey, and thanks for the opportunity to write about you and your work. Could you tell me a little about yourself?

Audrey Kuether: I am a graphic designer, maker, photographer, blogger, interior designer, DIYer, turquoise lover, Kansas Citian, wife to Ted and mom to a very sweet little redheaded girl named Vivienne. I have always been a creative and a maker – blogging is a way for me to share it with the world.


FCI: You create and decorate with both 2D digital designs and 3D creations. What are some of the similarities and differences between those two styles?

AK: In my opinion, the same design principles apply no matter the dimension, so to me there aren’t huge differences between my 2D and 3D creations. Graphic design is second nature to me, and I can create my free printables and other digital art fairly quickly. The possibilities and ideas just bounce around in my head all day and usually come to me pretty easily. I have to make more time to create my 3D projects. I work full-time as a Creative and Brand Manager in soccer and run my freelance design company on the side. I am also a very involved mom to an active one year old, so I consider it a luxury when I can find time to do my 3D DIY projects. I am happiest when I am creating regularly, and my blog is the perfect platform to share it.


FCI: What are some of your design inspirations? What fuels your interest?

AK: I love minimal, clean design with an organic, unperfect feel if that makes sense. I stay on top of design trends, but am not a slave to them. I find inspiration everywhere and am always full of ideas. If I had more free time there is no telling what I could create. 🙂

I love creating free printables for people who appreciate design and want to add some fun, quirky personality to their home offices, nursery or kids rooms or even a gallery wall in their home. While I sell some of my printables in my Etsy shop, I really love sharing them for free with my blog readers. They are always very appreciative and supportive – I love sharing my designs with them.
When creating my 3D DIY projects I love showing people that almost any project can be done very inexpensively using items already on hand. I love saving money and teaching others how to do the same.

Interview ohsolovelyblog before-after kitchen


FCI: Tell me about one of your favorite projects.

AK: I wouldn’t say it was the most fun project, but I love the end result of our $500 DIY kitchen remodel. We took our builder’s grade (oak overloaded) kitchen and updated it on our own for roughly $500. I love sharing the end result with people who are hoping to update their kitchens on a super tight budget.


FCI: You’ve been running a blog for several years. What made you decide to start up a blog? What about the blogging platform do you like?

AK: I always wanted to start a blog, but never got around to it until I was approached by KC Magazine ( and asked to be a DIY/Entertaining contributor to their blog. I jumped at the chance, and in March 2012 I finally started my blog.

I love the simplicity and user friendly back end of Blogger. I was able to design my own custom look – which is clean and simple and lets my content be the main focus.


FCI: Thanks again for taking the time to answer these questions.

AK: Thanks for the opportunity!

Audrey runs the design blog Oh So Lovely at